Follow the Logic-Filled Road

Justin Gasman writes, we have all ordered a product that was shipped to us most likely in a cardboard box. Inside that box, the product we ordered was probably covered in bubble wrap. You’re familiar with it right? The transparent, pliable plastic material with the regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres whose sole purpose is to protect […]

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More Cash Down Can Mean More Profit For Your Dealership

We recently analyzed second quarter sales data across our dealer client base to compare front end sales gross profit of finance deals with cash down versus no cash down payment and the results are interesting. What we found is that cash down yields higher front-end gross profit! In the most dramatic case, one of our […]

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PowerVision Case Study

The Challenge: Progressive Powersports of Granbury, TX is a well-managed dealership run by General Manager, John Marotta. When John was introduced to PowerVision through an associate, he agreed to help PowerVision pilot their platform with LightspeedEVO DMS. John knew there was a need to improve upon the reporting he and most dealers have available to […]

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Platform Enhancement: Ranking Report

VisionAST recently enhanced the Ranking Report feature on the FinanceVision platform and rolled it out on the SalesVision and PowerVision platforms as well! Our Ranking Report feature highlights the performance of your finance, sales and management team by a variety of metrics. By default, staff will be “power ranked” which takes into account the best […]

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New Feature: Claims Report!

VisionAST is excited to announce the roll out of our proprietary Claims Report! FinanceVision platform users now have access to claims statistics, loss ratios, and remittance status reports. Fully automated and updated by month, you can filter by any number of your locations and by date range. By clicking the “Claims” tab on the Reports […]

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Used Inventory in High Demand: How Dealers Can Sell More F&I Products in 2021

Tim Blochowiak writes, over the last decade, consumer focus has shifted to cutting-edge electric cars and feature-loaded new SUVs and pickup trucks. However, entering 2021, used cars are among the automotive industry’s hottest commodity because they offer many of the technology features and convenience packages consumers want at a more affordable price. Consumers today have […]

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Sales Software or Sales Analytics Software?

There was plenty of conversation this year before and after NADA 2018 about enhancements to existing DMS software including new features, new customer service options, new pricing and even a major acquisition that didn’t happen. After the dust settled, we noticed a conversation what was missing: What about improvements to way the data is presented […]

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How Do You Run a Company with $386 Billion in Gross Sales? With Data.

In Brad Stone’s 2013 book, The Everything Store, Stone describes Amazon’s S-Team or executive team and their decision-making processes. Every decision is driven by data. This avoids subjective performance evaluations or emotionally charged arguments about the company’s direction. The data always tells the truth and Amazon’s department heads are closely scrutinized by the results reflected […]

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Insight Begins with Sales Performance Analysis

Are you a leader in your dealership? Do you bring new solutions and point out problems or just accept them as part of the car business? Leadership requires enough energy to inspire a team to exceed their individual abilities and the vision to constantly evolve with the changing landscape. The last 10 years have shown […]

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