DMS Performance Management or More Customer Service?

Where does your DMS let you down?

In a recent article on CBTNews, they highlighted the fact that while most dealerships agree that DMS and CRM systems are the most important tools in their day to day operations, dealers “also expressed some of the lowest satisfaction and loyalty rates for these two systems”. Dissatisfaction usually revolves around one or more of three areas:

  • Complexity of the Billing and Invoices
  • Accessibility and Quality of Customer Service
  • Difficult Access to Critical Data So what is the solution?

CBT’s article points to customized solutions based on the size and location of an owner’s operations. CDK recently introduced Drive Flex where the fee varies depending on the sales and service volume. Interesting.

Looking at recent announcements in the industry like the new customer portal from Dealertrack it looks like CBT is right, the creators of dealer management software are working toward better customer service. But is that the issue at the heart of the challenge that dealers face in growing profit margins?

We argue that lower profit margins and revenue can be influenced by layering a DMS performance management solution on top of DMS data. VisionAST wasn’t created to find a problem to solve, it grew out of the need for real time actionable insights based on DMS data, and dealerships using a performance management solution see dramatic results.

Should DMS companies offer more custom solutions, better customer service and clearer billing? Absolutely, but without real time insight on performance, margins and revenue leaks, better customer service will only get a dealership so far.


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