Follow the Logic-Filled Road

Justin Gasman writes, we have all ordered a product that was shipped to us most likely in a cardboard box. Inside that box, the product we ordered was probably covered in bubble wrap. You’re familiar with it right? The transparent, pliable plastic material with the regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres whose sole purpose is to protect the fragile contents of the box. Bubble wrap provides exactly the right level of cushioning-protection needed to make sure your products arrive safely after being shipped.

Most of us own a smartphone these days. It’s probably fair to assume, many of us purchased a protective case when we bought the phone. We can’t keep our phone in the box it came in, wrapped in bubble wrap, if we want to use it. So, we bought the case, which is the functional mobile version of bubble wrap for our phones. Did we buy the case because we thought the product was bad or would break? No. That’s why we shelled out the $1,100 for the latest greatest gadget.

The phone was expensive, and we know that at some point, we are bound to have a clumsy moment, where we drop the phone, or worse yet, it falls out of a backpack or pocket. The thought of the phone striking down on the ground and cracking the screen is horrifying. This is especially true if you don’t have AppleCare. Therefore, we spend a small amount of money to protect our investment and keep it safe. The bubble wrap and phone case are to the phone, what a service contract is to a vehicle today.

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