How Do You Know When You Improve Sales Performance?

An article in Automotive News caught our attention last month. A New York dealer began an experiment using Google Assistant to help book appointments for the service portion of his business. Interesting innovation, right? It made us think about a recurring theme in dealership nationwide. Dealers conduct experiment after experiment (often at the request of persuasive vendors), but how do they know if the experiments are working?

Sure, they’ll see the data in their dealer management system, but are they integrating the data between booking and revenue? How quickly can they see the resulting benefits? Each week? Once a month?

We all run small experiments in the workplace: Changing the structure of a team, adding incentives, building a bonus structure around a new offering. Whether you call them experiments or not, if you’re an Owner or a General Manager, you’re creating experiments all the time.

You may not, however, be evaluating the results, but you may not have all the data. Your DMS inadvertently creates obstacles to evaluating the success or failure of your experiments. That’s where VisionAST comes in. With a layer of quick, easy-to-use reporting sitting on top of your DMS data, you can easily and accurately see how your experiments perform.

If you’d like to see how you can improve sales performance or cut off an experiment that is losing revenue, schedule a quick demo. We’re ready to show you how it works.


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