How Do You Run a Company with $386 Billion in Gross Sales? With Data.

In Brad Stone’s 2013 book, The Everything Store, Stone describes Amazon’s S-Team or executive team and their decision-making processes. Every decision is driven by data. This avoids subjective performance evaluations or emotionally charged arguments about the company’s direction. The data always tells the truth and Amazon’s department heads are closely scrutinized by the results reflected in the data.

Every sales organization should be obsessed with timely and accurate data. From the top down, every individual involved in the sale of a product or service can only benefit, as can their clients!

In the automotive and power sports industries, providers of VSC’s and ancillary products who use DMS-integrated reporting platforms, benefit in several ways. First – they drive product sales by knowing where their attention is most needed. They train F&I managers on income development which of course leads to a happy dealer client. Lastly, they can provide this reporting to the dealership personnel as a value ad, further solidifying their relationship with the dealer.

Dealers aren’t loyal to a VSC provider. They are loyal to the agents who help drive the most profit in their dealerships. In this new world of lockdowns, shutdowns and quarantines, income developers who left the old way of doing things in their rear-view mirror and took advantage of the latest technologies made tremendous gains over their old-school counterparts.

Bezos built the world’s best-known brand by evolving faster than his competition. He labeled Amazon a technology company when others called it an on-line book seller. If he thought of Amazon as an online book seller, he’d still be working in his garage.

Peter Carusone is a 20-year veteran of the automotive industry and President of VisionAST.