Insight Begins with Sales Performance Analysis

Are you a leader in your dealership? Do you bring new solutions and point out problems or just accept them as part of the car business? Leadership requires enough energy to inspire a team to exceed their individual abilities and the vision to constantly evolve with the changing landscape.

The last 10 years have shown tremendous growth in vehicle sales and factory warranty service. Recalls were at an all-time high and the living was easy. The last 12 months not so much. Sales have flattened, margins continue to shrink at an alarming rate and warranty work is on the decline as product quality has improved. Maintenance intervals have gotten longer and had negative impact on both service revenue and dealership loyalty in the shop.

So, here’s where the true leaders step up. They see the status quo is a death warrant and it’s time to move quickly. Leaders are seeking new solutions in software, marketing, training and processes that can improve the effectiveness of their efforts quickly but also make them nimble for the future as the industry evolves at an increasingly rapid pace. They are finding easy and affordable ways to analyze their sales data early and often to stop profit leaks in their tracks.

Leaders are leaning on sales performance analysis to find opportunities in every transaction. They are re-training their service departments to maximize customer pay as warranty and recall work recedes. They are bypassing mass marketing for much more efficient and targeted digital solutions across multiple platforms.

Today’s leaders never give up or give in to the challenges ahead. They adapt and overcome. They inspire greatness through their forward thinking and willingness to act. Your next solution awaits. It’s time for action!


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