New Feature: Claims Report!

VisionAST is excited to announce the roll out of our proprietary Claims Report! FinanceVision platform users now have access to claims statistics, loss ratios, and remittance status reports. Fully automated and updated by month, you can filter by any number of your locations and by date range.

By clicking the “Claims” tab on the Reports screen, users can view a dashboard displaying a monthly loss ratio summary on a rolling 12-month graph and see the average loss ratio year to date.

Also available is a 12-month view of Paid Claim Statistics detailed by month including Claims Paid to Others, Claims Paid to your Dealership, Total Claims Paid and Average Days to Pay Claims from Date of Receipt.

The Claims Status pie chart gives you a visual representation along with percentages, as well as a hover over option to see the exact number of Active vs. Pending Claims. The Pending Claims portion of the graph is hyperlinked to the list of deals associated with the claim at the dealership, giving you specific information for each deal.

Gain never before instant access for all of your dealerships in one place, to claims data and information that allows you to communicate more efficiently and effectively with the dealerships you work with.

To learn more about this feature now available on FinanceVision, please contact our support team by email at or by phone at (518) 260-6721.


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