Insight Begins with Sales Performance Analysis

Are you a leader in your dealership? Do you bring new solutions and point out problems or just accept them as part of the car business? Leadership requires enough energy to inspire a team to exceed their individual abilities and the vision to constantly evolve with the changing landscape. The last 10 years have shown […]

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How Do You Know When You Improve Sales Performance?

An article in Automotive News caught our attention last month. A New York dealer began an experiment using Google Assistant to help book appointments for the service portion of his business. Interesting innovation, right? It made us think about a recurring theme in dealership nationwide. Dealers conduct experiment after experiment (often at the request of […]

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From the Front Line April 2020

It’s been a few weeks since my last update, but you may recall I’ve been busy in our stores helping to navigate through remote digital sales and socially distanced and CDC compliant service operations. Now, 4 weeks in I have some common dealership experiences to share. Fixed Operations: To my surprise, complementary pick-up and delivery […]

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Protect Your Investment with Sales Performance Analysis

Customer Acquisition Cost or CAC is the amount spent to acquire one new customer. As an old advertising guy, I prefer to refer to it as an investment rather than a cost. In a dealership setting, this investment comes primarily in two forms – people and advertising. Whether in your BDC or call center, these […]

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DMS Performance Management or More Customer Service?

Where does your DMS let you down? In a recent article on CBTNews, they highlighted the fact that while most dealerships agree that DMS and CRM systems are the most important tools in their day to day operations, dealers “also expressed some of the lowest satisfaction and loyalty rates for these two systems”. Dissatisfaction usually […]

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The Shortcomings of Dealer Management Software

In a recent speech addressing the Automotive News Retail Forum in Chicago, Don Flow, CEO of the Flow Automotive Companies challenged dealers to seize the opportunities that are right in front of them while embracing the possibilities that the future holds. He also suggested they face the brutal reality that new vehicle margins are gone […]

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Imagine How You Can Improve Sales Performance

Imagine if a dealer could “listen in” on these three crucial conversations in your dealership: Salesperson with a Customer Salesperson with the Desk Manager Customer with the Finance Manager What would they learn? How much more effective would sales meetings become? How much more substantive could one-on-one coaching sessions be? How much more profit would […]

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