Platform Enhancement: Ranking Report

VisionAST recently enhanced the Ranking Report feature on the FinanceVision platform and rolled it out on the SalesVision and PowerVision platforms as well!

Our Ranking Report feature highlights the performance of your finance, sales and management team by a variety of metrics. By default, staff will be “power ranked” which takes into account the best performance across:

  • PVR (profit on both products and bank reserve)
  • PPVR% (percentage of profit on products alone)
  • Product Index

Filter by personnel type and see which of your sales managers and salespeople bring the most business to the F&I office. A great training tool to set expectations across sales staff, spark competition, and ultimately increase product profitability and penetration before the customer even hits the finance office.

The ability to set “expectations” for each of these categories will also quickly highlight who is falling short, and who is meeting or exceeding the expectation for the given timeframe – perfect for monthly sales competitions across auto groups without wasting time computing the numbers and pulling multiple reports from multiple DMS systems!

Sortable columns for each of these metrics gives you the option to rank the staff however you would like. Drill down even further with the ability to filter the report by product. We could go on and on but see for yourself – contact our support team at for a quick walk-through!


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